London based, UK song writer, rapper and music producer AKLOCO breaks down barriers of music genre, creating a completely new style of UK music as we know it. 

An underground artist now coming to light, his lowkey persona leaves us all wondering ‘Who is he really?’ And desperately demanding ‘I want to hear more!’

His first released single in 2017 ‘Intro Up’ brews the utterly haunting and diverse master mind of this young professional. A magician of melodies and harmonies, base and acoustic, not to mention the breathtaking impurity of sound, AKLOCO leaks into the hearts of many. 

Inspired by accounts of life as a young Londoner, AKLOCO incorporates his past experiences into his beats and lyrics. Completely self made, he prides himself on his independence in the industry often stating ‘I don’t need no-one but myself.’ 

AKLOCO’s appetite for self expression is fed by a wave of electrifying tunes and tracks that transport you into the a the deep, dark dimensions of his mind. Running on pure emotion and passion, the only way to go is up.